Bly Bio

Bly Kaye, artist, resides on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, and writes that throughout her artistic practice…

“…I have moved through many mediums… my early works used painting, drawing and printmaking. Later I incorporated weaving, paper mache and fabric based materials. About ten years ago, I began experimenting with collage and have developed techniques of working that I continue to explore today.”

Bly Kaye was born in Montreal into a family with a deeply developed artistic history and in her early teens moved to the Okanagan Valley. She is continuously inspired by her environment.

“My work is invariably tied to locale – focusing on images from home as well as from my travels thoughout Canada and Mexico. These investigations are seasonal in nature, depicting my relationship to the wet and dark of winter, the colours of spring and fall, and the brightness of the summer months.”

Bly has resided on Salt Spring Island for over thirty five years with her husband Garry Kaye who is an artist. Her son Graham Kaye is also a graduate of Emily Carr. Bly has given workshops and classes over the years, teaching art to young and old alike, in varying contexts and mediums. She continues to teach. Bly is delighted to fulfill a life’s dream which is working full time as an artist.

Bly Kaye’s collages are in private collections in many parts of British Columbia and across Canada.